The 16 Lessons Of The Rich

Outline for today’s Pre-Call hosted by Sherry Brown:

16 Lessons Rich Parents Teach Their Children that the Poor Don’t!

1. Understanding how money works while the poor remain finically illiterate.
2. The difference between an asset and a liability.
3. They’re not entitled to anything.
4. How to be sociable and connect with other people.
5. Stop expecting immediate results and avoid magical results.
6. How to create daily habits that in the long run gives them incredible advantages.
7. Money is a tool and it’s a good thing.
8. Increase income instead of lowering expenses.
9. Knowledge is more valuable than money in the long run.
10. Don’t work for money, have money work for you.
11. Solving problems is the quickest way to get rich.
12. Not to waste time on things that do not correlate to the real world.
13. How to use good debt instead of bad debt.
14. 80% of the results come from 20% of the effort.
15. Having money doesn’t make you a better person, it just solves some of the problems.
16. To raise their expectations.

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