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Beware of Scammers

This is why it is so important to PLUG IN!

Scammers are trying to steal your cryptocurrency.  They are advertising KBC or KCB bonuses on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and even to your email address.  Do not fall for it.  Do not click on their links.  If you’re not sure, contact your upline for help.  Don’t be the one to lose your coins.

All communications of Karatbars promotions or incentives are from within your back office.

From Cherylanne:

I am completely Broken Hearted ….

As many of you know, we are constantly warning people to NOT click on the links from posts claiming you won free coins. Scammers and thieves are especially cunning, cruel and deceptive.
Yesterday this hit me very hard.

One of our long term affiliates opened an email which appeared to be from Karatbars. The email told her to click on a link to claim her free coins. It also told her to then login to her back office and then her MEW account to confirm the coins were dropped into her wallet. The ugly side of this is these con artists just phished her computer. They were able to steal her private key once they gained access to her computer when she clicked the link. Within 10 minutes not only had they stolen almost 4 million coins from her, they had transferred it to 6 different wallets. We could follow the coins to one wallet and then they transferred to another wallet and so on until just a few mintues later, they split the coins into 2 separate wallets.

The lady explained to me this was her life savings…. I was literally sick to my stomach for her.

PLEASE, PLEASE INFORM YOUR TEAMS…. whether they receive an email, SMS or message in FB to report them immediately!!! DO NOT CLICK on any link whatsoever from any source!!

I also want to caution everyone from accessing their MEW

You do NOT need to go into your MEW account to check your coin status!!! Please start using and recommending your teams to use Etherscan if they choose to check on their coins. You can view every bit of activity in your wallet from this site without fear!

The ONLY time you want to open your MEW is IF you want to move your coins.

The situation which happened yesterday with this precious lady has made me even more dilligent in the protection of my coins and the coins of my family members.

I am taking extreme care to protect my coins and I hope you will consider this as well. We all get the crazy emails, messages, texts that ask us to click a link…. I learned long ago to NEVER click those links because I was the recipient of having my Skype account hacked 3 times back to back. Now if a company sends me an email and asks me to click a link… I automatically open another tab and type in the address of that company to see if there is a message for me. I never click on links from emails, skypes etc….

Even after being so cautious for all this time, I am not convinced that even my computer is safe.

I was advised in the beginning to buy a cheap computer to access my MEW account only. I was told not to add email, skype, FB or any other program to the computer. I was told the only site I would ever go to on that computer was my MEW account. Today this makes sense more than ever!!!!

I implore you all to take EXTREME measures to protect your coins… Having a 2nd computer is a small price to pay for the protection of your coins. We live in a crazy world where some have no fear of GOD or reprisal from their actions. They may laugh today at their temporary gain…. but long term we know their actions will have eternal consequences.

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