Getting A Profit Package

KYC Approved
KaratPay Registered
(w/Login Email, Password, Transfer PIN):

Video showing how to register Karatpay (WRITE DOWN YOUR 4 digit PIN):

Video showing how to PROPERLY acquire a Profit Packge:

Step by Step Instructions

Login to
Select Product Purchase | Profit Package (of choice)
*** Go through the selection process like you are going to purchase the product.
When you get to the type of payment Select KaratPay.
Note the amount of UNV (UNIVAL) required to make the purchase.

Login to
Select Product Purchase | CashGold | KaratPay CashGold
Add the appropriate amount of CashGold needed for the Profit Package desired.
*** NOTE:
Amount of CashGold x 10 = UNIVAL amount.
(If you need 148 UNIVAL – Get 15 grams of CashGold)
Complete your CashGold purchase transaction.

Select KaratPay | Load Ewallet
Type the amount displayed in the Your CashGold Box, in the Load EWallet Gold Box at the Bottom.
Click Submit.

Go back to
Go through the steps to actually purchase the Profit Package of your choice, selecting KaratPay as your payment method.
Type your KaratPay email, password and pin to complete the transaction.

You just acquired a Profit Package with CashGold!

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