15 Money Habits That Keep You Poor

1. Taking Bad Money Advice From Poor People
2. Gambling And Lottery: Luck Is Not A Strategy
3. Spending Money On Things That You WANT But Don’t NEED
4. Not Knowing How Much Money You Spent Last Week, Month And Year
5. Spending Money You Don’t Have On Things You Can’t Afford
6. Trying To Keep Up Appearances
7. Having Only One Source Of Income
8. Wasting Money And Time (Usually On Entertainment)
9. Going YOLO: Thinking Short Term -VS- Long Term
10. Not Learning How To Invest And Being Afraid To Change
11. Spending First And Then Hoping There’s Something Left To Save Or Invest When You’re Done
12. Paying Too Much In Taxes
13. Unhealthy Lifestyle
14. Wanting Money To Be Easy And Fast
15. Stay Poor Is A Choice

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