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Make A List of everyone you know with at least 100 Names. Choose your Top 20 People from that list to contact them immediately. Use one of the below approaches (don’t be scripted), be yourself. When making your initial contact with your prospects, it is to best start with your warm market. You can text, inbox on social media, call, or speak to them in person. Follow the script below:

A. A good way to start a conversation with someone you don’t know is to ask “What do you do?”

B. Tell your prospect; “I have something that I believe you were going to want to take a good look at, should I text or email?“

C. Ask your prospect; “Do you keep your income options open?”

D. Ask your prospect; “Are you interested in looking at other ways to make more money?”

E. Ask your prospect; “Are you interested in saving your money faster and growing your money bigger?”

F. Ask your prospect; “Do you keep your financial options open?” 

Put a checkmark and a date on your pipeline tracker to show that you have made the initial contact with that person .

Contact at LEAST 3 People per day for the remaining 30 days and follow the same game plan!

When the answer is “YES” send them this website:
www.The or to your own WealthBuilders Worldwide personalized Landing Page (Click Here for details).

Let them know that there are multiple videos on that page. They can watch the overview or all the videos to gain a full grasp of the program.

Let them know that you will call them back as soon as possible to follow up. This creates a sense of urgency and prepares them for the presentation video. If they say they won’t be available set an appointment that works for both of you and put it on your calendar or in your phone notifications.

Do not EVER miss the appointment!


“The Fortune Is in The Follow Up!”
Call them back and ask “Did you see the video?” When they say “YES” say “Did you see an opportunity for yourself? When they say “YES” say “Great, let’s get you started!” Then help them get registered or give them your free registration link or the shortcut link to your Landing Page and they can register using the registration link on the bottom. Sign them up immediately!

If they still have some legitimate questions edify and introduced them to your up line sponsor to answer their question on a 3-Way Call.

It is not your job to answer their questions, especially when you are new to the business. Simply edify your up line sponsor, mute your phone and take notes as your Senior Partner speaks with your prospect.


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