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To Load Funds On Your Karatbars Prepaid Master Card

Step One

In your back office, click on your Mastercard / Card Info
On the Mastercard / Card Info page, click on “PFS login”

Step Two

First time users, click on “Not Already Registered”
or add your login credentials.

Step Three

Click on “Register Loading Card” to register your debit card

Step Four

Call PFS at the following numbers to complete the registration
US: +1-518-751-9114
UK: +44 207 127 8165

Hours 9AM – 6PM UK Time
(4AM – 1PM EST)

Pricing, Product & Affiliate Program Overview and Key Points

Pricing, Product & Affiliate Program Overview and Key Points

1. Security – Karatbars is the leader among competitors in the industry of small weight 999.9 24K gold bullion
• Burden of proof is on the seller when exchanging gold back into cash which is why Freebay embeds their gold in a card that documents it’s authenticity using hologram technology and a DNA bath.
• Hologram technology – Originally trademarked as kinebar-quality by a Swiss bank.
• Karatbars uses hologram technology trademarked as Karatbar-Quality.
• Karatbars improved authenticity certification in January 2015 with the introduction of DNA technology.
• DNA Technology – Genetic markers bathe the card & the gold. This can then be seen with black light technology to verify the authenticity of the gold sealed within the card. Continue reading

When Do I Get My Karatbars Pre-Paid MasterCard?

A Pre-Paid Master Card is created and shipped to the affiliate automatically once he/she has earned a total of € 20 in commissions, as we need to deduct € 20 for the creation of the card from the commissions.

Please note that the card must first be created and then shipped from the Pre-Paid Financial Services Head Office in London. This process can take between 3 to 6 weeks.  1 week for the creation of the card and 5 weeks delivery time depending on where you are located.