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Update: Missing Univals Karatpay / Karatbit

UPDATE:  WHO HAS MISSING UNIVALS FROM A KARATPAY / KARATBIT transaction?  If you are one who is missing UNIVALS from a Karatpay or Karatbit transaction, please be aware and ensured that the company is on top of this. Nothing is lost. They are currently working on a new API that will link Karatpay-Karatbit- Karatbars in a much more efficient and secure way. 

Within the next 1-2 weeks this will be complete and your univals will show up once again.  The company is asking for a little bit more patience as they work out the bugs ❤



WBW Script

BE AWARE!! This is ONLY for AFFILIATES that are EXTREMELY serious and ready to make 6 figures NOW!! If you aren’t going to do what is below, PLEASE DON’T waste your time.

*Make a list of at LEAST 100 people and contact ALL of them within 72 hours.

*Email, Text, Facebook, Instagram… whatever works for you! Contact 100 people 72 Hours!! Those that have already started, are already seeing results. Not a lot of people respond to email (it’s like the dinosaur age), Text and Private Messages receive faster results, but utilize EVERYTHING. You never know who still may check their email. Emoji

*Read the M.A.P. (Massive Action Plan – register here if you haven’t already done so – the M.A.P. is here: www.WealthBuildersWorldWide.net/Training)
and Take Massive Action NOW! Even if you’ve read it before, READ IT AGAIN!!

Below is an example of what I send prospects; it works! Often times, when Affiliates send me what THEY send and they aren’t getting results, I can see why. What I send WORKS! Not to say that NOTHING else will work, but if you aren’t getting results – I can help you figure out why.

Text/Cell Phone or Inbox/Private Message get the quickest results from my experience, BUT you also need to understand how to work Facebook and build RELATIONSHIPS on Social Media. There is a method to what I do and it all works together as a unit. You can always CALL people as well if you are more of a talker. (Follow the scripts from the M.A.P. when calling/talking to people.) Below is what I INBOX or TEXT people:

Step 1:

Hello/Good Morning/Afternoon/Evening ______________, (personalize it, add the persons name):

Do you look for ways to make more money from the comfort of your home?

If so, watch the videos, register here: www.YourWebsite.com (be sure to add YOUR capture page)

And I will add you to our Wealth Building group where you will receive more details.

That is an example of what Ms. Glaspie sends.

You can get a Capture Page at http://www.WealthBuildersWorldWide.net/Training, and you can create your own personal URL on www.GoDaddy.com for as little as .99 cents for the first year. Then you can forward your URL to your capture page address. This makes it look more professional.

If you aren’t able to get a capture page right now, let me know I will give you the alternative, but it REALLY helps keep down confusion if you acquire a capture page. The personalized URL looks a lot more professional than sending 2 separate links.

Those wanting to make 6 figures really NEED to invest in a $49 or $79 capture page; and remember – it is a tax write off. There is a ONE time fee to acquire your capture page – there are no monthly or annual fees. You pay for it ONE time and it’s yours for life!

Watch this video AFTER you follow the instructions in this Campaign.

REMEMBER: Start with contacting 100 people within 72 Hours!!!


Beware of Scammers

This is why it is so important to PLUG IN!

Scammers are trying to steal your cryptocurrency.  They are advertising KBC or KCB bonuses on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and even to your email address.  Do not fall for it.  Do not click on their links.  If you’re not sure, contact your upline for help.  Don’t be the one to lose your coins.

All communications of Karatbars promotions or incentives are from within your back office.

From Cherylanne:

I am completely Broken Hearted ….

As many of you know, we are constantly warning people to NOT click on the links from posts claiming you won free coins. Scammers and thieves are especially cunning, cruel and deceptive.
Yesterday this hit me very hard.

One of our long term affiliates opened an email which appeared to be from Karatbars. The email told her to click on a link to claim her free coins. It also told her to then login to her back office and then her MEW account to confirm the coins were dropped into her wallet. The ugly side of this is these con artists just phished her computer. They were able to steal her private key once they gained access to her computer when she clicked the link. Within 10 minutes not only had they stolen almost 4 million coins from her, they had transferred it to 6 different wallets. We could follow the coins to one wallet and then they transferred to another wallet and so on until just a few mintues later, they split the coins into 2 separate wallets.

The lady explained to me this was her life savings…. I was literally sick to my stomach for her.

PLEASE, PLEASE INFORM YOUR TEAMS…. whether they receive an email, SMS or message in FB to report them immediately!!! DO NOT CLICK on any link whatsoever from any source!!

I also want to caution everyone from accessing their MEW

You do NOT need to go into your MEW account to check your coin status!!! Please start using and recommending your teams to use Etherscan if they choose to check on their coins. You can view every bit of activity in your wallet from this site without fear!

The ONLY time you want to open your MEW is IF you want to move your coins.

The situation which happened yesterday with this precious lady has made me even more dilligent in the protection of my coins and the coins of my family members.

I am taking extreme care to protect my coins and I hope you will consider this as well. We all get the crazy emails, messages, texts that ask us to click a link…. I learned long ago to NEVER click those links because I was the recipient of having my Skype account hacked 3 times back to back. Now if a company sends me an email and asks me to click a link… I automatically open another tab and type in the address of that company to see if there is a message for me. I never click on links from emails, skypes etc….

Even after being so cautious for all this time, I am not convinced that even my computer is safe.

I was advised in the beginning to buy a cheap computer to access my MEW account only. I was told not to add email, skype, FB or any other program to the computer. I was told the only site I would ever go to on that computer was my MEW account. Today this makes sense more than ever!!!!

I implore you all to take EXTREME measures to protect your coins… Having a 2nd computer is a small price to pay for the protection of your coins. We live in a crazy world where some have no fear of GOD or reprisal from their actions. They may laugh today at their temporary gain…. but long term we know their actions will have eternal consequences.

KaratBit Exchange Promotion

Dear business partners,

We are happy to announce that the launch of the KARATBIT EXCHANGE will take place on November 1st, 2018.

And we are also happy let all of you know that we have a special promotion.

Simply go to karatbit.com and login with your Karatbars and/or Karatgold.sg login information.

There you can transfer any kind of cryptocurrency, as well as purchase cryptocurrencies via credit card and/or bank wire transfer.

If you load and maintain a minimum balance of $ 500 of any kind of cryptocurrency by November 2nd, 2018 noon CET, we will gift you with KCB coins in the value of $ 500 on November 3rd, 2018!

Anyone who would like to participate in that promotion and bought Cashgold for that purpose, please note that you simply you need to load your Cashgold via the karatbit.com back office after login. If you load a minimum amount of Cashgold in the value of $ 500 and keep it until November 2nd, 2018 noon CET, we will also gift you with KCB coins in the value of $ 500 on November 3rd, 2018!

Don’t miss out on this great promotion!

Your Karatgold Sales Team

The 16 Lessons Of The Rich

Outline for today’s Pre-Call hosted by Sherry Brown:

16 Lessons Rich Parents Teach Their Children that the Poor Don’t!

1. Understanding how money works while the poor remain finically illiterate.
2. The difference between an asset and a liability.
3. They’re not entitled to anything.
4. How to be sociable and connect with other people.
5. Stop expecting immediate results and avoid magical results.
6. How to create daily habits that in the long run gives them incredible advantages.
7. Money is a tool and it’s a good thing.
8. Increase income instead of lowering expenses.
9. Knowledge is more valuable than money in the long run.
10. Don’t work for money, have money work for you.
11. Solving problems is the quickest way to get rich.
12. Not to waste time on things that do not correlate to the real world.
13. How to use good debt instead of bad debt.
14. 80% of the results come from 20% of the effort.
15. Having money doesn’t make you a better person, it just solves some of the problems.
16. To raise their expectations.

To Load Funds On Your Karatbars Prepaid Master Card

Step One

In your back office, click on your Mastercard / Card Info
On the Mastercard / Card Info page, click on “PFS login”

Step Two

First time users, click on “Not Already Registered”
or add your login credentials.

Step Three

Click on “Register Loading Card” to register your debit card

Step Four

Call PFS at the following numbers to complete the registration
US: +1-518-751-9114
UK: +44 207 127 8165

Hours 9AM – 6PM UK Time
(4AM – 1PM EST)

New Power Call & Freedom Call Numbers

Effective June 1st, 2018


Dial In Number: 712-451-1046
Access Code: 875184
Playback Number: 712-451-0381
International Numbers: https://www.freeconferencecall.com/wall/wbwpowercall#


Dial In Number: 712-451-0140
Access Code: 594087
Playback Number: 712-451-1048
International Numbers: https://www.freeconferencecall.com/wall/freedomcall/#international

The FCC APP will work with these numbers.

Free Conference Call APP

For those who have phone carriers that are
charging to call the main number

To replace the use of the “Backup Line”
for both the Power Calls
and the Freedom Calls

(This can be used for our International Team members as well)

You will need to install on your device the FreeConferenceCall.Com APP

Instructions for the Power Call:

Open the FreeConferenceCall.com App
Tap on “I don’t have an online meeting ID”
Enter Dial In Number: 7124320900
Enter Access Code: 796827 (not need #)
Enter your Name:
Tap on Join a Meeting
Select “Internet” to make the call.

You can Name this “card” at the top of the screen.

To mute your line tap on Mic on bottom. Left corner.

Instructions for the Power Call Replay:

Open the FreeConferenceCall.com App
Tap on “I don’t have an online meeting ID”
Enter Dial In Number: 7124320990
Enter Access Code: 796827 (not need #)
Enter your Name:
Tap on Join a Meeting
Select “Internet” to make the call.

You can Name this “card” at the top of the screen.

To mute your line tap on Mic on bottom. Left corner.

Instructions for the Freedom Call:

Open the FreeConferenceCall.com App
Tap on “I don’t have an online meeting ID”
Enter Dial In Number: 7124320075
Enter Access Code: 592627 (not need #)
Enter your Name:
Tap on Join a Meeting
Select “Internet” to make the call.

You can Name this “card” at the top of the screen.

To mute your line tap on Mic on bottom. Left corner.

Instructions for the Freedom Call Replay:

Open the FreeConferenceCall.com App
Tap on “I don’t have an online meeting ID”
Enter Dial In Number: 7124321085
Enter Access Code: 592627 (not need #)
Enter your Name:
Tap on Join a Meeting
Select “Internet” to make the call.

You can Name this “card” at the top of the screen.

To mute your line tap on Mic on bottom. Left corner.

Call2Action – Nov 28, 2017 at 1:00PM ET.

— Attention! We will stream on Skype! —

Friends and partners! Prepare for our next Call2Action!
Tuesday, Nov 28th 2017, live on SKYPE!

On Tuesday, click here to join.

English at 7pm CET, 1pm EST
German at 8:30pm CET with simultaneous translation into Spanish!

Do not miss CEO Harald Seiz and DIO Thomas Brenner sharing news!
Keep the date in mind, we are looking forward for you to join us!

Karatbars – November 2016 Newsletter

Keeping up with Karatbars


Let’s face it. In the northern hemisphere we are witnessing
the passage from autumn to winter: The leaves turn brown and fall.

But everything finds a balance – below the equator summer is
beginning. People get a sun tan and the bath towels lie on the beach.

So, wherever you are, enjoy
your life
. There is no such thing as bad weather, only bad


The return of the Prepaid MasterCard!

Karatbars has implemented the option to purchase the Karatbars Prepaid MasterCard

Simply go to ‘Product Purchase’ and choose the sub-section
‘Karatbars Prepaid MasterCard’. You now have the option to choose between
regular shipment or FedEx delivery.

In the past, we have had difficulties shipping the cards to
a few countries on continents like Asia, Africa, Central and South America.
Those countries can only receive the MasterCard if it is delivered via

You have the option to pay via bank wire transfer, credit card,
or with your commission balance. Please note that you need to have at least
€ 50 in pending commissions if you reside on one of the continents
mentioned above and wish to use your commission balance for the payment.

If you experience any difficulties paying via bank wire or
credit card, please get in touch with support@karatbars.com.
If you experience any difficulties using your commission balance for the
payment, please get in touch with debitcard@karatbars.com.

VERY IMPORTANT: We will no longer automatically order a card
for you once you earned more than €20 in commissions. All affiliates will
need to pro-actively order the card themselves with immediate effect.



What actually happened in New York City?

Our CEO Harald Seiz and company recently spent some time in
New York City where they attended the meeting of the World Energy Forum
2016 at the United Nations Headquarters.

To cut a long story short, it was a challenge but also a
great experience: talking about Karatbars‘ bold visions for the future to
such a mixed audience was no walk in the park.

In any case, it has provided us with valuable insights on
which strategic relationships we need in order to keep up our high pace of
the development of our payment system. And of course, New York is always
worth visiting.


The dawn of Karatpay and Cashgold

These two very important projects are on the right track and
on schedule. Most technical questions may be considered clear, only small
procedural details still have to be resolved.

2017 will be an exciting year for those who go for it right
from the beginning.


Join the World of Charity

Harald Seiz‘ idea of „Paying it Forward“ is paying off by
the looks of it. So many people have begun to try and make the world a
better place, here and now and just around the corner.

See for yourself on our WoC page how easily you can become a
spark of hope for other people. Simply by giving them a tiny piece of gold.

Shortly before the end of the year it looks as if there will
be a winner of the WoC Award. Stay tuned for the updates.


Freebay, Stuttgart, November 2016


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