Update from Cherylanne Gober

Over the course of the next few weeks we will move from Phase 1 to Phase 2 by getting everyone in the closed countries prepared for the Karatbank Coin to go live on the Crypto Exchange.

Please remember that Karatbars, Karatpay and Karatbank are all separate companies. These three companies work synergistically together to create a fully functioning Eco System.

You will thus ultimately have 3 different back offices
– Karatbars
– Karatpay
– Karatbank
and an Ether Wallet,

– First (Karatbars) to acquire gold,
– Second (Karatpay) to move gold from one account to another
– Third (Karatbank) to​ manage your Karatbank Coins and last
– My Ether Wallet (or your preferred Etherium ewallet provider) for storage and safety of your KBC coins​

For some this may sound like a lot to accomplish but I can promise you the process is very easy.

Phase 1 Setting up your Karatpay account and moving Cashgold to your Karatpay E wallet.
Everyone should have already completed this step and able to access your Karatpay Back office. If not, I have posted step by step instructions below.

1) Login to Your Karatbars back office.
Scroll over Purchase Product Tab and then click on Cashgold.
Purchase the amount of Cashgold you choose.
Every tenth of a gram purchased will receive 20 FREE ​KaratBank tokens.

.1g CG = 20 tokens (one tenth of a gram is also referred to/ known as 1 Unival)
1g ​ CG ​= 200 tokens
3g CG ​= 600 tokens
6g CG ​ = 1200 tokens
100g CG = 20,000 tokens
1000g​ CG = 200,000 tokens

When you have completed your purchase you will see your Gift ICO tokens on your dashboard.

2) Once your Cash Gold purchase has been completed, you will need to register your Karatpay account.
Scroll over KaratPay tab​ located in your Karatbars back office. Click Register.
When the box pops up, verify your personal information for the account and then click submit.
You will now need to go to your email account which your account is registered to and confirm your email​.
Complete the steps provided in the email and choose your password for your KaratPay Account.
Make sure to store your E wallet ID & password in a safe place

3) Once you have registered your Karatpay Account, you will simply choose Load E wallet from the left hand side menu.
Your Karatpay account will show how many units of Cashgold that are available in your Karatbars back office and you can choose how much to transfer into your Karatpay E Wallet. ​
Please note: The term Unival refers to one tenth of a gram of gold.

Special Note: When the KaratBank tokens go live on an Open Crypto Exchange, they will be considered KaratBank Coins (KBC). You will have the option inside the Crypto Exchange to make your KBC purchase using Cash Gold at checkout alongside other options such as Bitcoin / Ethereum

The KaratBank ICO should be completed by April 19th according to the White Paper. There will be a simmering time where KaratBank will provide information to several Crypto Exchanges.

Once the company has received an approval from one of the Crypto Exchanges, you will be able to acquire KBC coins on the open crypto exchange.

Phase 2 Setting up your KaratBank account and your Ether Wallet.
You will need an Ether wallet in order for the company to deposit your free tokens into.

We will start to transition into KaratBank & My Ether Wallet​ accounts during Thursday evening calls.​​​

Training video will be available for setting up the account and the Ethereum wallet. Stay tuned for details….

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