Huntsville, Alabama Private Gold Reception at the Kelly Cove Club House

“The re-training of people on the planet, people having to re-invent themselves to become entrepreneurs, will be the biggest budget in the century.”

~ Bill Gates, Chairman of Microsoft

If you know someone in the Huntsville, Alabama area get them to attend this Private Gold Reception at 1:00pm CST on August 25th and we will show them how simple it is to make money as a home-based business owner using affordable gold and gold-backed cryptocurrency as the product!  Dr. Patrice & Lisa Gordon will be co-hosting the event along with Huntsville Wealthbuilder Mr. Lloyd Lynch.

105 Thorn Creek Drive

Kelly Cove Club House

Harvest, Alabama 35749

1:00pm CST

105 Thorn Creek Drive
Harvest, Alabama 35749
United States

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